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Christina Andreadou in her first sex video without her boyfriend

Greek model and pornstar Christina Andreadou (aka Christy White) is doing porn for only a short time but made lots of hardcore sceens , all of them with the same partner who is her real-life boyfriend 

Check out the first video in which Christina is fucking some dude other than her boyfriend (Its a threesome webcam show with another couple)

I don’t know if she broke up or its just a turn in her porn career but i hope it continues

Check out the threesome video (over 1 hour long)

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Famous Greek top-models nude in live streams (6 videos)

2 famous Greek top-models and reality TV stars Stefania and Maria in some very rare leaked videos

Well the videos are not really leaked …They are live streams from Periscope from the lock-down period in 2020 …These girls where getting drunk and made some very sexy streams including getting naked , making out , flashing boobs and ass and getting crazy in general

They are both of Russian origin but live and work in Greece for a very long time (so in the videos they speak half Russian half Greek) 

They are both famous from different reality TV shows they appeared on Greek TV (Greece’s Next Top Model , Game Of Love , Wipe Out)

Check out 6 of these live streams (over 3 hours in total) + bonus modelling pics and videos from TV shows

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