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Marika Fruscio nude megapack (315 pics – 85 videos)

Italian TV presenter and model Marika Fruscio in all her nude photoshoots , topless paparazzi pics and premium nude pics and videos (nude selfies , masturbating videos and more)

Marika is famous in Italy for many years mainly because of her obvious talents and lately started to post premium nudes on various platforms 

Check out 315 nude pics  + 85 videos in this megapack

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Cristina Del Basso nude (110 pics -29 videos)

Cristina Del Basso is an Italian model and celebrity who became instantly famous after her participation in Italian Big Brother “Grande Fratello“(2009) …Her mediterranean looks and huge boobs helped her became popular mostly among male audience , especially when her nipples kept popping out all the time 

Check out all her nude photoshoots + 30 minute backstage nude videos + lots of sexy clips from Grande Fratello with at least a dozen of nipslips

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Laura Morante in explicit nude scenes (1 HD video – bonus pics)

Beautiful Italian milf actress Laura Morante in many explicit nude scenes from the 1998 Spanish film “La Mirada Del Otro” in which she kisses a younger guy’s dick and shows her pussy in many occasions 

Check out all the explicit and nude scenes in a 15 minute HD video ..Also nudity from actresses Ana Obregón and Paz Gomez

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Loredana Cannata nude and explicit sex scenes (6 videos – 81 pics)

Beautiful Italian actress Loredana Cannata in lots of nude and explicit sex scenes (including giving and receiving oral sex) from the 1999 film “La donna lupo” in a 28 minute HD video + 2 more nude videos from other movies + brightened versions of the explicit scenes + nude photoshoots

Even thought there have been 20 years she is still a very hot milf and managed to remain famous in Italy by participating in TV series and reality TV shows .She has also been nude in public for veganism as an activist (check pics below)

Check out 6 HD videos + 81 pics

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