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Adele Exarchopoulos & Daphne Patakia nude in the same movie (1 HD video)

The 2 most famous Greek actresses Adele Exarchopoulos and Daphne Patakia nude in the new French film “Les cinq diables

Adele has a small nipslip , a good sideboob and some lesbian kissing while Daphne has some nude sex scene with a black dude 

Check out the video in HD

Also if you haven’t seen both of these actresses in their amazing explicit and lesbian scenes we have them all in HD in our previous posts 

Daphne Patakia’s explicit and lesbian scenes here + Adele’s explicit lesbian scenes here

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Liz Hurley nude megapack (290 pics – 15 videos)

British Hollywood star Liz (Elizabeth) Hurley in all her nude pictures from the past (nude photoshoots , topless paparazzi pics , seethrough , nipslips) and nude scenes from movies and TV 

She was in the spotlight of all tabloids in the world for many years when she was married to Hugh Grant especially after his sex scandal

Also lots of sexy pics and videos of Liz from her social media in which she is very active 

Check out 290 pics + 15 videos + lots of bonus gifs

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Sabrina Salerno nude (400 pics – 11 videos)

Italian pop-star and actress Sabrina Salerno was one of the most iconic singers of the 80s and one of the sexiest ones 

She became instantly famous worldwide with the music video of the song “Boys” where she had a seethrough bikini and multiple nipslips which at that time was extremely uncommon and almost scandalous for a music video…And she had sexy “accidents” like this almost in her every performance .She even performed topless sometimes

She is still very hot at her mid 50s as you will see in the pics

Check out all her nude photoshoots from the past + lots of very sexy instagram pics with many seethrough bikinis + nude and sexy videos from movies and performances

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