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Adele Exarchopoulos & Daphne Patakia nude in the same movie (1 HD video)

The 2 most famous Greek actresses Adele Exarchopoulos and Daphne Patakia nude in the new French film “Les cinq diables

Adele has a small nipslip , a good sideboob and some lesbian kissing while Daphne has some nude sex scene with a black dude 

Check out the video in HD

Also if you haven’t seen both of these actresses in their amazing explicit and lesbian scenes we have them all in HD in our previous posts 

Daphne Patakia’s explicit and lesbian scenes here + Adele’s explicit lesbian scenes here

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Virginie Caprice nude (162 pics – 9 videos)

French former model , singer and TV personality Virginie Caprice in new premium naked selfie pics and masturbating videos + some older nude photoshoots

She was awarded “Miss FHM” back in 2005 and for a short while she did some rare porn videos (which we have already given you in our previous post) . After that she bounced back as a singer and journalist in mainstream French media …Now she started posting nudes again and thats what this post is about

Check out 162 pics + 9 videos including some more porn stuff we found 

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Cindy Lopes nude and porn video (272 pics – 4 videos)

Cindy Lopes is a French reality TV star .She became famous from her sexy appearance in the reality show “Secret Story” some years ago but she had done some nude photoshoots before that , as well as after 

After the show she appeared as a guest in a hardcore porn video of a popular French porn production .She didn’t actually had sex but she had some nice interactions with the pornstars 

Check out all her nude photoshoots (272 pics) + the porn video + 3 more videos including her masturbating on cam 

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