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Melanie Griffith nude (120 pics – 12 videos)

Melanie Griffith is probably one of the sexiest actresses of all time in Hollywood , peaking in the 80s with classic films like “Working Girl” , “Body Double” and “Something Wild” in all of which she had nude scenes ..She has actually appeared nude in a dozen of films from 1975 since 2000 and we have all the videos in the best possible quality we could find them 

I don’t think its a coincidence that she was married to the hottest male actors of the 80s Don Johnson (They had a hot playboy photoshoot together too) and then she married the sexiest man of the 90s Antonio Banderas ….

She is mother of Dakota Johnson 

Check out all 12 of her nude scenes from movies + nude photoshoots from when she was young , topless paparazzi pics and sexy photoshoots

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Laura Morante in explicit nude scenes (1 HD video – bonus pics)

Beautiful Italian milf actress Laura Morante in many explicit nude scenes from the 1998 Spanish film “La Mirada Del Otro” in which she kisses a younger guy’s dick and shows her pussy in many occasions 

Check out all the explicit and nude scenes in a 15 minute HD video ..Also nudity from actresses Ana Obregón and Paz Gomez

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