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Even though we all enjoy watching live sex shows because of horny models who are willing to do all kinds of things in front of the camera, the shows wouldn’t be as good if it weren’t for all the fans who made that possible.

You must be thinking, what are we talking about? But the truth is, the more generous fans there are, the better shows you will find! has become one of the most popular sites thanks to their free adult webcams , but more importantly, thanks to all the people who convince models to get naughty for you and everyone else watching!


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Shows wouldn’t be as good if there weren’t many people watching them! Do you remember shows from some less popular sites where girls weren’t willing to even get naked in front of the camera? That’s because there weren’t enough people donating generous tips. Luckily, that’s not the case on because thousands of people constantly send money to models. Because of that, models are more than willing to get naked and do naughtier things than that!

You can find 10.000+ shows online at all times, and many of them have hundreds, if not thousands, of viewers. Of course, not all of them are willing to spend money, but even a couple of horny guys can persuade some chick into doing all the things you want to see. Don’t believe us? Go to one of the shows and send a few generous tips. You’ll see how the girl’s mood changes, and she starts doing anything you ask her to do, as long as she is comfortable with it!

Not only do you get to see many sexy things in many of these shows, but you also get to find the most popular live sex cams, thanks to other fans. How can you find the most popular shows right away? Well, the shows with the most views will be on the top of the list, but that wouldn’t be possible without the massive number of fans constantly looking for something worth watching.

Why are fans here so important?

If you don’t know the answer, we’ll help you a bit. Live sex cams are the new best thing; you could even say they are better than some porn scenes. However, why is that? It’s because many models are willing to do more than just get naked in front of the camera! Plenty of girls, guys, and trans models are stuffing their holes with toys and cocks to please their fans. You must be asking yourself why in God’s name they would do that. Well, it’s to earn money, of course.

From who does all that money come? From fans, of course! As long as they keep sending tips to some kinky models, they will see what they always wanted to see. You must have dreamt of seeing a girl in front of you listening to all your commands. You will finally have a chance to fulfill all your wishes, and it might not cost you a dollar. As long as other people are willing to spend a few bucks on live shows, you can enjoy shows for free!

Shows for everyone!

Whether you are into guys, girls, couples, or trans models, you will find it here! Many live cam sites focus primarily on female performers, but that’s not the case with! They’ve made sure you will have separate categories for different performers. If you are interested in girls, you will be able to look only at girls. If you are looking for couples, you won’t have to look at solo performers. As you can see, they’ve done an excellent job of doing the most for all their fans. That’s why they keep getting more and more fans every day!

We can’t tell you which live cams will be the best for you because we don’t know your preferences. Of course, if you are interested in watching solo girls, you will want to look for those shows. However, we can point out a few things that might help you make the best decision. Since is unlike other live cam sites, you can watch shows where girls get fucked by one or more guys in front of the camera!

If you are looking for live webcam shows where a couple makes love and try to please as many of their fan as possible, you shouldn’t go to the category with solo performers. Make sure you look for couples, whether they are straight, bisexual, or gay. Thousands of models are here to ensure everyone gets what he/she wants. If you have some requests, feel free to ask because there’s a high chance you will see precisely what you are looking for!

Save your money thanks to other fans!

Would you spend your money if you didn’t have to? Of course, you wouldn’t. That’s a dumb question! That’s pretty much what’s happening here, and you can take full advantage of it. Thanks to those generous people who love throwing their money around on live cam shows, you can forget about paying to see naked girls fucking, sucking, or doing something else you have in mind! However, don’t take our word for it because some models might not do precisely what you are looking for if they don’t get money from you.

There are ways to make sure you don’t have to spend one cent during your stay on It might require a little effort from your side, but it’s easier than spending your hard-earned money. If you don’t find a model who is doing all the things you are looking for on your first try, keep looking further. The chances are there are plenty of performers who are into the things you are looking for, and they are already doing them thanks to other tips they are already getting from other fans!