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Adele Exarchopoulos & Daphne Patakia nude in the same movie (1 HD video)

The 2 most famous Greek actresses Adele Exarchopoulos and Daphne Patakia nude in the new French film “Les cinq diables

Adele has a small nipslip , a good sideboob and some lesbian kissing while Daphne has some nude sex scene with a black dude 

Check out the video in HD

Also if you haven’t seen both of these actresses in their amazing explicit and lesbian scenes we have them all in HD in our previous posts 

Daphne Patakia’s explicit and lesbian scenes here + Adele’s explicit lesbian scenes here

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Daphne Patakia nude and lesbian scenes from “Benedetta” (1 video)

Greek actress Daphne Patakia in all the nude and lesbian nun scenes with Virginie Efira from the new provocative film by Paul Verhoeven “Benedetta

Check all the nude scenes in HD in a 20 minute video (UPDATED: we updated the video with a longer and better quality version)

And dont forget to check out Daphne’s even more explicit nude scenes here

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Daphne Patakia nude video (1 video)

Greek actress Daphne Patakia (Δαφνη Πατακια)  in one more nude video with some nice pussy shot from the movie “Akryliko”


Download video from Rapidgator (1 HD 1080p video)


And we wait for her next movie where there are some very hot lesbian action between nuns in the Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instict , Robocop , Showgirls) movie Benedetta ( you can preview some of the nudes in the trailer)

We will soon have all the nude scenes from this movie too

Also dont forget to check her explicit nude scenes from other movies here

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