“Oh no thank you, I don’t look at celebrity porn out of respect for their privacy.”

Bullshit! Don’t try and pass this bullshit onto me. Because I know that you are like anyone else. The moment you find out that a hot celebrity is sucking cock, showing her titties, or flashing puss, you’re excusing yourself to go to the bathroom so you can do a little research. 

You probably think you’re fooling everyone by opening that private tab, but I know. Oh buddy, I know all about your celebrity porn habits! I’m not creeping on your flat ass while you jerk off in the shower, either. I know that you’re a human being with dong just like me. When you have a chance at seeing any celebrity naked, you jump at the chance. 

It’s human nature. I don’t care how bent out of shape you got about The Fappening. Deal with it and/or embrace it by getting your stroke on to some of the hottest naked celebrities out there. Some are going to make you cum your pants, others are going to make you go, ‘oh, that’s it?’ Curiosity may have killed the cat – so too may it kill your boner.

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